Your staff is about to quit

Your staff is about to quit

Burnout in medicine goes beyond the ranks of physicians. In many medical practices, it reaches down to the front desk, administrators, billers, and coders. As a result, surveys show that many are thinking about quitting, which will put an even bigger workload on those who remain.

According to eLearning Industry’s Future of Work Report, retaining these workers will require health care companies to create a more supportive culture for staff. In fact, over half (54%) of health care workers believe their leaders don’t understand what employees want. Here are the specific areas where the healthcare industry falls short when it comes to retention:

  • Perks, pay & benefits: Nearly half (48%) of health care employees would prefer to have more vacation time over traditional “company culture.” The top benefits health care employees want are flexibility to work where and when they want (31%) and good benefits and perks (29%).
  • Lack of mobility: Nearly three in four (74%) health care office workers say company leaders show favoritism to certain people. Therefore, despite feeling ready to advance in their role, 30% believe they lack upward mobility at their workplace and don’t see a fair chance at promotion.
  • Need for diversity: 30% of health care workers say their organization is not diverse and doesn’t prioritize diversity – calling their culture “toxic” due to a lack of DEI initiatives. To improve the workplace, employees are calling for more diverse leadership that better represents the workforce.