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One of the most important sense organs of your body is the ear, which you use for hearing. The ear also helps to maintain balance. Taking proper care of your ears is necessary to prevent hearing loss and ear infections. Ear produces wax which prevents dust from entering it, and it self-cleans to remove excess wax. Though your ear can self-cleans, you still need to take some conscious steps to protect your ear and prevent any damage to the organ. If you already have hearing loss, you can buy any hearing-aids from Eargo that can help improve your condition.

The below, however, are some pieces of advice on how you can take proper care of your ear.

Do not use cotton swabs to clean your ears

As earlier written, ear produces wax and it has become a norm for most people to clean their ear wax with cotton swab. Using cotton swabs can damage your ear in the sense that the swabs can push the wax further into your ear. This can lead to ear blockage, which is one of the causes of hearing loss. If you have wax build-up in your ear, using ear wax removal solution will help soften the wax to make it flow out on its own. Glycerin is also useful to soften ear wax. If you don’t experience any positive result from this, you can seek the help of a health professional.

Reduce your ear exposure to noise

Loud noises do nothing good for your ears. Most people, especially the youths are at the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. If you love listening to music using earbuds or headphones, the best suggestion is you should keep the volume low. Constant exposures to high volume can damage your hearing. Medically, the advice is you should keep the volume at 60{b5d304c96e94113bdfc523ff4218a1efff4746200bdb9eeb3214a56a1302f2e4} and you should not use it for more than 60 minutes in a day. Also, if you need to attend a social function, a bar or a club, protect your ear from loud noises from music or speaker by using earplugs. Assuming you are already suffering from hearing loss that is related to exposure to loud noise, you can visit Natural Healthy Concepts or an ENT doctor.

Keep your ear dry

Some bacteria thrive in a moist environment. So, if you like to swim or bath very often, it is advised to keep your ears dry as much as you can. Bacteria can attack your ear canal causing swimmer’s ear or other infections to your ear. Ensure you use towel to dry your outer ear after swimming or bathing.

Be careful with medications

Every drug has its side-effects. It is advised you discuss with your doctor about the drug prescribed for you. Medications like Ibuprofen and Aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can lead to hearing loss.

Summarily, don’t take your ears for granted. Prevent hearing loss by going for regular check-ups. If you notice any growth around your ears or if you experience pain or discomfort of any sort, seek immediate medical help. If you also experience a decline in how audible your hear sounds or voices, talk to a health professional. Do not use a sharp object in your ear. Give your ears enough rest from loud noises and high volumes.

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