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Being mindful is that simple success mantra that anyone can follow in their pursuit of self-improvement, says Samridh Seth

Day in and out we witness how our actions, emotions and decisions shape us as a whole and where it takes us. While we may have achieved some or the other goal in the past, our willingness to keep going somehow feels lost at times, and a feeling of non-belongingness erupts. We keep procrastinating certain things and even end up feeling gloomy with no actions directed to keep moving in that direction. This is when you must start engaging in mindfulness and focussing on self-improvement by measuring yourself and your decisions diligently.

Personal development and self-improvement are subjective. Each one has their willingness to achieve something as a goal. You have a certain goal and you have failures in achieving the same. This stems the thought of self-improvement to better handle the situation at hand. When it comes to self-improvisation, it doesn’t have a dead-end wherein we feel we have achieved it all and attained self-actualisation, but it keeps pushing us to explore our actions, decisions furthermore for better results out of the many upcoming challenging situations.

Self-improvement is an unending pursuit to better yourself, be it whatever that you are eyeing to achieve. It’s a long-term game and we’re here for a marathon, not just for a sprint. With self-improvement, you may not see the changes tomorrow but can see things moving in the direction maybe a few weeks, months, and most definitely a year from the first time you start. This is the most effective method of improvement because the only one who knows your thoughts to the dot is you. And your actions are a reflection of your thoughts, therefore, you can change your actions by understanding your thoughts and channelling your thought process.

Link to knowledge: Personal development through self-improvement is tied to knowledge and as we are aware that knowledge is endless. As much we seek, there’s room for more to imbibe the ocean of knowledge that the world possesses. The knowledge of various aspects guides us to find various ways to achieve a certain thing that we desire. It also induces a feeling that if it could be achieved in a certain way, how about exploring another way too? And we leap to find it!

Moreover, our pursuit for self-improvement never reaches the epitome because our brain is conditioned to be pessimistic and has the hunger to achieve more. We think we are not perfect at a certain thing and always feel there is still a lot of room to learn and excel in the same. Measuring efforts when we do it is something that we as humans don’t engage in. This leads to the hunger of trying more ways to achieve a certain thing at its full potential.

Self-improvement is more to do with introspection as we know the best and no matter what solutions that we have sought earlier or seek moving forward from the outside world, we will only be able to find it from inside, speaking to ourselves. What does the mind need? A good job, high grades at school, that dream car, wanting to be at the helm in your workplace, etc., thoughts are aplenty, it is we who find our own ways to try and channelise our thoughts and efforts in a certain way in a bid to break through what we look forward to having. And how do we achieve it?

A simple success mantra that anyone can follow in their pursuit of self-improvement is adopting mindfulness. It is the way you condition your mind to fully dedicate your attention to the present without letting the past or the future influence your thought process. Self-improvement certainly is immortal and cannot be limited to a certain achievement, but can be with us for a lifetime, if we do not give up on learning. Hence, self-improvement cannot only go so far but can go all the way!

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