Winter foods that will keep you fit and warm during the cold months

During winters, you don’t only need to cover yourself in layers but also make changes in your diet to stay warm. But as the wintery nights draw in, we unintentionally start binging on comfort foods. While there is nothing wrong with indulging in warming chocolate pies, you should add healthy foods to fight off colds and flu that come knocking as soon as the weather changes. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who often shares important information and tips to stay healthy, took to Instagram to share an interesting piece about winter foods. She explained the need to eat a healthy diet at times like these when most of us are working from home. Lack of vitamin D and physical exercise has led to many health problems such as weight gain, joint pain, digestive issues and more. Also Read – Osteoporosis Diet: 5 vital nutrients you need for strong bones

To curb the risk of developing such problems, enrich your diet in these nutrient-rich foods to boost immunity and maintain overall health. Also Read – Make these iodine rich foods a part of your daily diet

Bajra or pearl millet

On a bone-chilling cold day, nothing is better than eating warm barley in the form of “bhakri, laddoo, khichdi, bhajani thalipeeth, etc.” This versatile food is rich in B vitamins and fibre. It promotes the growth of muscles and boosts hair growth. Also Read – PM Modi eats drumstick paratha once or twice a week: 5 reasons why you should also try this recipe


This superfood is a small seed that helps lubricate joints, improves digestion, strengthen bones and improve libido. It is also believed to manage menstrual problems and gas issues. Eat it as laddoo or goond pani, roasted in ghee and sprinkled in sugar.

Green vegetables

Green veggies have always been a favorite among health enthusiasts as they contain anti-inflammatory properties that help to boost immunity and alleviate burning sensations in the hand and feet. Palak (spinach), methi (fenugreek), sarson (mustard), pudina (mint), and green lasun (garlic) are some of the green vegetables you can add in your diet.

Root veggies and kand

You must incorporate all kinds of root veggies in your daily diet, especially in the festive season. Kand is a great addition as this vegetable is loaded with fibre and good bacteria, which promote weight loss and improve eye health. You can make “tikkis or sabzis, dishes like undhiyo, roasted and eat these with a seasoning of salt and chilli powder.”

Seasonal fruits

Winter fruits are high in micronutrients and fibre, which keeps the skin hydrated. Enjoy the goodness of sitaphal, peru, apple, and khurmani on a cold winter day.

Sesame seeds

Also known as til in Hindi, sesame seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and is great for your skin, hair and bones. You can eat it as chikki or gachak, laddoo, chutney and seasoning.


Rich in protein, vitamin B, amino acids and polyphenol, peanuts can be had as a snack, chutney, or you can include them in salads and several other dishes.


As much you despised eating it as a kid, it turns out ghee or clarified butter is an incredible addition to a healthy diet. A great source of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, you can easily add ghee in your diet. Top your dal, roti, etc. with ghee to enjoy it to the fullest.

White butter

Homemade butter is made with fresh milk and cream. It helps enhance the taste of your foods. It also helps with joint lubrication, hydrating the skin, and getting rid of neck and spine pain. Try eating it with parathas, bhakri, thalipeeth, saag and dals.

Published : October 22, 2020 8:22 pm | Updated:October 23, 2020 9:36 am

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