We Asked, You Answered: What Are Your Plans for Self-Improvement?
Self Improvement

We Asked, You Answered: What Are Your Plans for Self-Improvement?

Since September is Self-Improvement Month, we figured now was the perfect time to check in with our readers and see what short- and long-term goals they are looking to accomplish.

From better time management, to practicing yoga and meditation, to more regularly reaching out to volunteers, read on to learn what plans your colleagues have in mind for improving themselves both professionally and personally.

Tobin Conley

Senior Strategic Consultant, DelCor Technology Solutions

Actively keeping up on the latest tech tools available to associations—and using them myself to find the right work-life balance.

Christine DeJoy

Senior Editor, Helicopter Association International

I hope in the coming year I can finally pursue the training I’ve had to put to the bottom of the priority list for the past few years. Chiefly, I’d like to take introductory and intermediate courses in Google Analytics, Photoshop, and Excel to improve my productivity and enhance my contributions to my association.

Chris Williams, CAE

Executive Director, Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association

Develop my delegating skills to better manage my time; read at least three more leadership and governance books by the end of the year; spend more time connecting with my VPPPA team to learn about what drives them personally and professionally.

Scott Oser

Membership, Marketing, and Sales Consultant, Scott Oser Associates

I plan to be more consistent with my meditation practice and to do a better job of focusing on the positive.

Valerie M. Evans

VP of Governance and Membership, American Society of Addiction Medicine

My goal is to make time to self-reflect. To many times in my professional and personal life, I just move from one project or task to the next, never taking time to celebrate my success or digging deeper into understanding how I might change things the next time.

Mary Hartney

President, Florida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association

Handwrite one note to a key FFAA supporter each week to improve communications and acknowledge volunteer leaders.

Cindy Simpson, CAE

Assistant, Quality Programs, Urgent Care Association

As I get older, I realize the importance of maintaining good health. On a personal level, I am mindful of what and how much I eat. I have taken up Hatha yoga (a combination of meditation and yoga). I have also reignited my passion (sometimes I’m not sure that’s the right word!) for running 5K races. On a professional level, I will continue to monitor trends that take place in the association industry as a way to incorporate into my position, as well as to share relevant information with my colleagues. To me, life is about continuous self-improvement!

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