The truth about portion control, as explained by a nutritionist: ‘It is almost impossible’

The truth about portion control, as explained by a nutritionist: ‘It is almost impossible’

In our quest to eat healthy, a lot of us practise something called ‘portion control‘, which means eating nutritious meals, but in limited quantities. It is said to be a useful tool to combat overeating while also ensuring the meals are healthy and balanced. The Cambridge dictionary defines portion control as “the process of making sure that the amount of food you eat for each meal is not too large, especially when you are trying to lose weight”.

Many experts have, in the recent past, listed the benefits of portion control, but according to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, this practice may not yield results, after all, because portion control was “invented by people just to keep us constantly confused and conflicted about the amount of food that we are eating”.

In an Instagram video, she explained that in reality, practising portion control is “almost impossible”.

Captioning it “why you shouldn’t portion control”, Diwekar explained in the video that every time she posts something about her plate of food, her followers ask her if her appetite is so little. “Then they say, ‘Oh, so we can consume dal-chawal, but controlling the portion is important’.”

“There are many things that influence what we feel like eating,” she said, adding that factors like stress, sleep, exercise, reason for eating, the company that we are keeping, etc., play a role.

“Each one of us can learn to eat correctly,” the expert said, and went on to list alternatives for portion control:

* Sit down every time you eat, as opposed to standing with your plate.
* Eat with all of your senses, which is basically mindful eating.
* Eat slowly
* Eat at least one meal all by yourself every week.

These can “help you eat just the right amount of food”.

What do you think about these tips?

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