Taylor Roberts to Host Impact Cup; Raising Awareness for Mental Health
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Taylor Roberts to Host Impact Cup; Raising Awareness for Mental Health

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Florida golfer Taylor Roberts is a natural for giving back. 

The Gator is nearing the host of her second charity event, the Impact Cup. An event to raise awareness for youth mental health. 

The two-day Ryder-Cup style tournament, begins on July 25 and is a unique college golf event providing competitive golfers the opportunity to showcase their golf talents and develop important life skills such as community outreach, leadership and teamwork. Participants will gain a greater understanding and knowledge of charitable giving while being celebrated for their accomplishments.

Roberts is joined by Duke women’s golfer and best friend Phoebe Brinker who is co-hosting the event along with the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) to help benefit the Generation Next Project and the AJGA’s ACE Grant Program.  

However, this isn’t the first time the two have given back.

In 2020, they came up with the creation of the Senior Cup. The event featured high school golfers who senior seasons were cut short due to COVID-19. They raised over $40,000 for the Emergency Golf Relief Fund, the AGJA Achieving Competitive Excellence Grant and frontline workers. 

Immediately after, they knew they wanted to host another charitable event. But when the two enrolled into college for their freshmen year and still dealing with the pandemic, the logistics were too complicated. 

After Taylor’s freshman year and going through her own mental health experiences, she went to Phoebe and had another idea for a charity tournament. This time to benefit mental health initiatives. 

Phoebe loved the idea. And soon the two got to work again.

And that they did.  

Flash forward to now – they have raised over $88,000, Bobby Jones Golf Club and East Lake Golf Club are sponsoring, there are two therapists attending, 22 golfers have committed to play, and much more.

“It’s crazy to see how everything has come together,” said Roberts. “It’s amazing to see how many people are supporting it and the more you talk about mental health and sharing my own story, the more people that want to support it. It’s just something that it’s really prevalent in our lives.”

The idea sparked originally when going through therapy. An important decision her parents suggested, that helped Taylor get into a better position where she is today.  

“After therapy, I wanted to help other athletes or just anyone in general gain resources because I realized how lucky I was to have the opportunity to better myself.”

Overcoming everything and looking back now has been breathtaking for the Parkland, Florida native. 

“My parents were telling me a year ago I wasn’t playing golf tournaments because I didn’t love the game and I was just struggling to find happiness and the fact that I’m competing right now and at a high level is surreal. But also the fact that I’m helping other people makes it that much better.” 

Throughout the planning of the event, Taylor balanced transferring to a new school. A transition made seamless because of the culture at UF. 

“There are so many people in the athletic circle that has been supportive and made the process easy. It’s the reason why I went to Florida.

“Coach [Emily] Glaser not only cares for you as a golfer but as a person. I can’t wait to get back to campus because its feels like I have another family there. The culture is not matched and when people say it’s great to be a Florida Gator, it truly is.”

As the event draws near, Taylor and Phoebe wanted to make sure this isn’t a one-time occurrence. Rather creating an annual opportunity to benefit various initiatives down the road. 

While the goal of the event is to raise $100,000, its not just about the money. 

“Our main mission is that when everyone leaves, they have resources to like go back into their lives and understand themselves at a different level.”

More information about the event can be found here.