Self-Improvement: Follow A Good Blueprint And Build A Better You
Self Improvement

Self-Improvement: Follow A Good Blueprint And Build A Better You

You need a strategy to improve yourself. But your self-improvement plan only works if you act on it.


Understand and embrace the fact that “you’re the only one who is needed to protect your dream,” said Candy Valentino, who wrote “Wealth Habits: Six Ordinary Steps to Achieve Extraordinary Financial Freedom.”

Self-improvement needs to be a constant effort in your life and career.

Be Your Own Champion To Achieve Self-Improvement

When you commit to being your own champion, “the less disappointed you’ll feel when others aren’t supportive and the more empowered you become,” Valentino said.

Don’t let anyone define your narrative, your purpose or put limits on you, said self-help book author Daphne Jones.

“You have the power to define what winning means to you, and call your own plays to make it happen,” said Jones, author of “Win When They Say You Won’t: Break Through Barriers and Keep Leveling Up Your Success.”

Always Show Up

Just know it’s natural for parts of your plan to fail. The secret is learning from setbacks and pushing forward, Jones says.

There is wisdom in the adage that most of success in life comes from just showing up.

“Showing up is about being consistent for things that matter,” Jones said. “This can be showing up daily to push your goals at work or in your business, showing up daily for your family and friends, or even showing up daily for yourself — by pursuing your dreams.”

“The idea is that it’s always better to take the smallest step, than taking no step at all,” Jones said.

Create Your Blueprint For Self-Improvement And Act

Many people fail because they think the fortune is in the idea — but the fortune is in the execution of the plan, Valentino says.

“Ideas are great but for them to survive and succeed, they must be activated with a definite plan,” she said. Put ideas into immediate action and “execute with persistence.”

A basic analogy she offers is when you’re building a house a blueprint is needed. A set of plans tells how the house will be built and what it will look like — provided action is taken to construct it.


And the excuse that you lack formal training to push toward a goal doesn’t hold up anymore. You can succeed in business without any formal qualifications if you practice self-education.

You can read books, listen to TED Talks and podcasts, and attend webinars and seminars, Valentino says. And most important: “Find a trustworthy mentor or expert in your field,” Valentino said.

Seek And Embrace Feedback For Self-Improvement

When receiving critical feedback, don’t take it personally, Jones says. “Don’t get mad or cry,” Jones said.

Take the feedback strategically. “Use it as data or information to your designed plan,” Jones said. “Will you pivot and try a new approach? Or you will persevere and continue forward with your plan as designed? Regardless, never quit.”

Achieve Balance

During setbacks, it’s important to know what’s solid in your life that you can lean on. “That foundation is faith, family, finances, fitness and furthering your career,” Jones said.

Many people focus only on the career and neglect other aspects of their life, such as their family and fitness, Jones says.

“Know what is most valuable to you, and make that evident in how you prioritize your work every day or every week,” she said. “Or else you may get that amazing job you want, only to be hospitalized due to poor health, or get a divorce because you ignored your family.”

Create And Recreate Your Value

Manage your life like a CEO runs a company. Like a company’s product, you have a market to serve, Jones says. Obviously if you’re paid more than you’re worth, you’ll lose business and must find value somewhere else.

“Continuously improve and create new versions of yourself,” Jones said. “Avoid being like a carton of milk with an expiration date. Instead, find ways to stay fresh.”


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