New Wildlife Initiative in Douglas to Boost Biodiversity
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New Wildlife Initiative in Douglas to Boost Biodiversity

The Manx capital, Douglas, is steering a new exciting wildlife initiative known as the Dragonflies’ Den. This innovative scheme, a joint venture between Douglas City Council and Manx Wildlife Trust, seeks to address pressing global challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss, by harnessing the power of local communities. Developed in association with Unesco Biosphere Isle of Man, the project encourages residents to propose ideas that promote biodiversity protection and support pollinators.

Boosting Wildlife and Biodiversity

Dragonflies’ Den, launched in Douglas, aims to enhance wildlife and biodiversity by facilitating residents to propose novel initiatives that protect biodiversity or advocate for pollinators. The local authority is providing support in the form of tools, expertise, and materials to create wildlife-friendly zones. Schools, community groups, businesses, and neighborhoods are encouraged to submit their applications to the Manx Wildlife Trust by 8 March.

Community Involvement in Biodiversity Protection

Emphasizing the significance of community engagement, Douglas Council is calling on community groups, schools, and neighborhoods to pitch projects like wildflower areas, wildlife ponds, and community gardens. The purpose is to encourage pollinators and combat climate change. Successful projects will receive support from the council in terms of tools, expertise, and materials to bring their ideas to life. The Manx Wildlife Trust will assist Douglas residents in honing their ideas into a practical plan.

Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Urban Environment

The Dragonflies’ Den wildlife scheme is geared towards creating a more wildlife-friendly urban setting in the Isle of Man. The project entails creating habitats for dragonflies and other wildlife species in the Manx capital, Douglas. Supported by local authorities and conservation organizations, the initiative is set to transform the urban environment into a haven for wildlife.

Supporting Urban Wildlife through Community Participation

The Douglas Council is motivating community groups, schools, and neighborhoods to propose wildlife projects to the ‘Dragonflies Den’ wildlife scheme. Projects that pass the selection process will be granted support from the council in the form of tools, expertise, and materials to actualize their ideas. This community-driven initiative is poised to reshape the urban landscape into a sanctuary for wildlife.

Education and Awareness about Urban Wildlife

The Dragonflies’ Den wildlife scheme is also focused on raising awareness about the significance of urban wildlife and providing educational opportunities for the community. By creating ponds, wildflower meadows, and other natural spaces to attract dragonflies and other insects, the project also serves as a potent tool for public education about the critical role of these species in our ecosystem.

Environment Minister and Chair of the Regeneration and Community Committee have expressed their support and encouragement for the project, highlighting this initiative as a celebration of community power. Councillor Andrew Bentley emphasized the community’s potential to create change, reflecting a proactive approach to environmental conservation at the local level.