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Exercise in the morning or after work – which helps you get the most out of your exercise? Is a dawn run around the neighborhood helpful in jumpstarting your body to take on the day? Or is it better to exhaust yourself at the end of the day with an hour of cardio before calling it a day? Some would say there is no difference, as you would have your daily dose of physical activity anyway. We take a look at the differences between morning and evening workouts and what you stand to get out of each.

Some people perform better in the morning than afternoon or night after work.

If you are one of those people, before starting to work or take care of your children, it is a good idea to take care of yourself.

Focusing on your physical well being is critical is critical to maintain good health especially in today’s environment.

And as some people say: Heal is wealth.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, you only need an affordable option to do your workout at home. Look what I found:

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Do your exercise before breakfast

Doing your exercise during the morning not only will help you burn fat more effectively, it will also help you jump start your metabolism.

Starting early will help you burn calories during the day

During the evening, the body burns less calories

Energy level increases in the afternoon

For most people their energy levels increases during the day when they start the day with their workout routine

According to some research, the body performs its best during mid-afternoon.

Your exercise routine can be an easy one, look at the options I found:

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Get it done in the morning

After work, most of us just want to relax and watch something on TV

Or just jump in the bath tub and take a nice and relaxing bath to eliminate the stress of the work day.

Maybe you like to have a small break with friends at work and hang out in a coffee place or a nice restaurant.

Once you reach the evening, your body is ready to relax and you will recover during the night.

A good night sleep will help you get back your energy for the following day.

Sleep repairs used muscles, rests your mind and converts your food into energy for the following day.

Once you wake up, your body ready for the day’s workout full of energy.

You just need to plan this and it will be part of your healthy routine.

Much better for your health

According to many experts, having an exercise routine your overall health will be improved.

Doing exercise in the morning, will give you a metabolism jump start.

And your endorphins released from the workout will give you a positive tome for the rest of your day.

Early birds tend to be more consistent with their routines

Several studies show that consistency is key. This actually applies to everything we do, especially workouts.

During the morning it is easier to train your body and mind to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

Having positive habits will help your body and mind stay healthier.

How about workout classes in the morning?

We all know that with the current environment it is difficult to go to a gym.

  1. Usually if there is a gym …All the exercise machines are taken, or…
  2. The classes are full….. less options with the current social distancing…

It will be easier for you if you decide to do your exercise routine in the morning. Or you can do a quick workout using the following options:

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During the evening your body temperature is highest

Some of us are not morning persons and we like to do our exercise during the evening.

Comparing to the morning, muscles and joints are up to 20{b5d304c96e94113bdfc523ff4218a1efff4746200bdb9eeb3214a56a1302f2e4} more flexible during the afternoon or evening.

In this case it makes it easier to do exercise and less possibilities to hurt a muscle.

Release all stress from the day

Especially if you had a stressful day, exercising during the afternoon will help you release all stress.

This will also help you to clear your mind, and think about the day activities before going to bed.

Exercise during the afternoon brings more energy for the workout

During the second part of the day you will have more energy to workout than during early in the morning.

Also the metabolism and body functions like the lungs are working better during the second part of the day.

Typically you will have more strength and you will last longer during your cardio session

Some of us like to sleep a little longer….

You don’t have to rush in the morning, getting everything ready quickly, and you will have more time to get ready for the day.

Once you start doing your workouts in the afternoon, you don’t have to worry about the time and you can do your workout as long as you need.

This way, you can use your mornings to review things before work, like to-do lists, emails, etc.

Eating a full breakfast can be possible.

I found two great Diet books for you to review, they say for you to really feel great, you need to do exercise AND eat the right food:

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Eliminate the day’s stress

Maybe you had a bad day at work…

Or had a long day at school or work..

Doing your exercise during the afternoon or evening will have a calming effect on your body and will help you unwind and relax.

Using this energy to make your body stronger will take your fitness to the next level.

Your body is already fueled and warmed up.

Your body is fueled in the morning but it is better prepared to do workouts later in the day.

In the morning, when you wake up, your body has been laying horizontally for hours and is nowhere near stretched out.

BUT once the evening is here, you’ve at least somewhat stretched out your limbs, walked and did some movements during the day.

Socializing during workouts

I know it is a little more difficult to socialize at the gym with the environment we are experiencing.

But some people are finding ways to be connected with others while doing exercise.

Plenty of people used to love to experience the social aspect of going to the gym.

But with today’s problems, maybe is better to virtually connect with people and not at the gym.

After-work exercises may be the way to go for you.

One of the benefits of doing your workout at home is that some gyms don’t have a shower…

And if they do, who knows what type of hygiene practices other people do…

And honestly, sometimes people don’t care much about this after exercising.

A good idea to do your workouts during the evening is that you will avoid heading into the office sweaty and/or with bad body odor…

This is good for everyone…

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