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Self Improvement

Ideas For Self-Improvement Month | Her Campus

September rolls around and most of us think of going back to school, fall decor, fall fashion, Halloween, football games, etc. However, September is also known as self-improvement month because it officially marks the time when one season ends and another one begins. Although the year is almost over, it is never too late. September makes us reflect on the months before and determine where we can improve. 

  1. Self-Care

Before you do anything, think about how you have been feeling physically and mentally. Self-care is so important because we need to treat our bodies with kindness. You will never be productive if you do not physically or mentally feel good. Some ideas for improving your self-care would be reading a book, exercising, eating healthy, taking a bath, getting enough sleep, meditating, etc. The list is endless. Pick something you enjoy and is realistic for your goals. 

  1. Spending More Time With Loved Ones

It is easy to get distracted by school, work, events, etc. If you are feeling isolated or disconnected, then get out and spend time with people you love. Not only will this help you socially, but it can also improve your mental health by being around those who make you happy. Do not be afraid to reach out to others!

  1. Give Back

Volunteering at local facilities or donating to charities are important ways to give back to those in need or your community. Giving back can also help give you a sense of purpose by helping a cause that you are passionate about. 

  1. Learn Something New

Think about something you have always wanted to do and go challenge yourself to learn it! Learning a new skill can help challenge yourself physically and mentally. Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Remember that progress is better than not trying at all. 

  1. Get Organized

Life can sometimes get messy, especially this time of year with school, clubs, sports, friends, events, etc. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and start organizing. It might help to write down all your commitments in a planner or put them on your phone. Another tip is to put reminders on your phone so you do not forget!

Hopefully, this article helped you figure out what you want to do this September for self-improvement month. Remember that even trying something new is better than not trying at all!