Here are the top self-care and wellness influencers on TikTok
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Here are the top self-care and wellness influencers on TikTok

Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are increasingly focused on self-care when it comes to their health. 

This is a shift that’s evident in the business strategies of several major pharma companies, notably Johnson & Johnson’s recent decision to spin off their consumer health care units with products in the wellness space.

Social media influencers have played a role in sculpting the idea of self-care, whether it comes to body image, skincare routines or diet and nutrition. 

Like the growing number of physicians and supposed mental health experts on TikTok, there are plenty of content creators on the platform who tout themselves as proponents of self-care. These users aim to influence their audience into taking better care of themselves both physically and mentally.

Here are some of the top self-care and wellness influencers on TikTok.

1. Spencer Barbosa

What’s self-care without self-love? 

Spencer Barbosa is one of a myriad of teens on TikTok who are taking self-care into their own hands and focusing primarily on encouraging young women to develop their confidence. 

Barbosa’s account is filled with positive pep talks about body image and confidence, aiming to “teach millions of girls how to love themselves.”

2. Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown, i.e. “the world’s favorite mom,” skyrocketed to fame on social media with her vegan recipes and positive attitude. 

With nearly 5 million followers on TikTok, Brown is one of the top influencers in the wellness space on the platform – both when it comes to healthy food and healthy mindset.

You can find Brown giving her step-by-step recipes for vegan dishes like green smoothies, giving advice on how to overcome difficulties in life – and just spreading her infectious smile to encourage her audience to “surrender to happiness.”

3. Steph Grasso

Last year, in an effort to make the platform provide more positive wellness content, TikTok launched its “WellnessHub,” which allows users to connect with creators and find tips for fitness, health, food and mindfulness. 

One of the first content creators to be featured on the WellnessHub was Steph Grasso — an influencer with more than 2 million followers who carved her place onto the site as “your TikTok dietician.”

Grasso’s page is filled with diet tips and meal prep hacks, from “crack an egg cups” to high-protein pumpkin pancakes. 

In one video, Grasso explains it’s totally fine to eat a frozen pizza if you want – but offers her dietician’s advice to add as many colorful vegetables as toppings as possible. “It’s 2022,” she says. “Stop restricting, start adding.”

4. Daniel Duku

It’s not hard to find women influencers in the wellness and beauty space. 

However, Daniel Duku takes that on when it comes to men’s health and wellness, with a particular focus on encouraging young men to invest in self-care. Debunking the stereotype that most men don’t have the complex skincare routines that women on social media do, Duku provides insight into his skincare and hygiene routines, working with brands like Bodewell and Harry’s.

He can also be found showing how he cleans up his personal spaces, decorates his living room, chooses which candle scents are the best and highlights his nighttime routine (complete with teeth brushing, flossing and skin moisturizing) after work on days when he feels like he’s in a slump.

In one video, Duku shares three men’s hygiene tips he wished he knew earlier — changing pillowcases; stacking up on clean, fresh towels; and investing in a face wash that’s separate from body wash. “Bro been using the same towel since January,” Duku writes. “Time to let it go my bro.”

5. Justin Puder

“It’s okay to laugh and cry here”: Justin Puder’s TikTok page welcomes its viewers as a safe space. 

As psychologist and therapist, Puder dubs himself “amoderntherapist” and aims to provide mental wellness tips to his audience.

In one video, Puder acts out a scenario between himself and the voice of self-compassion – “after the inner critic has left.” In it, he points out it’s easy to self-criticize if individuals aren’t being aware of their thoughts and making an active effort to be compassionate to themselves.

6. Tamanna Kaur

With a worsening mental health crisis among teens plus a workforce shortage of mental health providers – more and more people began turning to social media to fill in the blanks when it comes to mental health support. 

While there’s a variety of psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists on TikTok who offer professional advice, the vast majority of content creators in the space have their own personal self-help spin on it.

Tamanna Kaur is another TikTok influencer whose focus on confidence, independence and wellness has brought in nearly 78,000 followers.

7. Micha Yvette

Dubbing herself an influencer of self-care and self-improvement, Micha Yvette is a medical student who uses her TikTok to provide her audience with motivational advice about career and achieving goals. 

In her ‘encouragement’ videos, Yvette will give her viewers quick motivational speeches to encourage them to not give up on their current dreams, tasks or projects. She can also be found giving tips on how to boost productivity through strategies of breaking “phone addiction.”