Today, I am pleased to announce the winners of the Beacon Journal’s Health Disparities Project. 

In November, I launched the Health Disparities Project and shared some real-life stories from people in our community about how racism has played a role in their lives and affected their health. 

The words “racism is a public health crisis” became a new lexicon as protests took place locally and nationwide against police brutality and structural and systemic racism following George Floyd’s death this summer. 

Local and regional governments, school boards and nonprofits passed proclamations seeking to identify possible solutions to the ways that racism negatively affects the lives of people of color, from housing and redlining to educational opportunities and health insurance being tied to employment. 

Along with sharing real-life stories, I also had a column explaining how I was taking $3,000 that I received as part of a health-reporting grant from Cleveland-based Center for Community Solutions and paying it forward.