NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Holiday gatherings have been a challenge during the global health pandemic, but that did not stop one Nebraska family from making sure their relative felt surrounded by love.

27-year old Cody Lawson lives in Central City. His loved ones, knowing how important the holidays and family time are to him, set out to make the holiday season special.

Each extended family member purchased cutouts of themselves, and set them up for a holiday surprise in Cody’s house while he was out at his church’s Christmas Eve services. When he returned, Cody’s entire family watched his reaction in real-time on zoom.

The cut-outs were made for Christmas, but it is a gift that keeps giving. The cut-out of the family cat is now hanging out on top of the cupboard. And Clark Griswald (the only non-family member to visit) is currently in the kitchen.

Cody’s mom’s cut-out is at her office in North Platte to remind her boss that she is still doing her job, even though she is working remotely from home.

She says that she was not expecting Cody’s reaction to be so emotional, and she is glad he was so touched by the gesture.

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