Environmental Health Program Specialist
environmental Health

Environmental Health Program Specialist

Position:​​Environmental Health Program Specialist
Department:​Public Health
Salary Range:​$51,671.32 – $73,010.22
Opening Date:​July 27, 2022
Closing Date:​August 10, 2022

Position Description:
An employee in this class is responsible for evaluating, designing, reviewing and permitting complex onsite wastewater septic systems. Work involves coordinating with soil scientists, engineers and applicants, liaison between the state and applicant and having oversite of the project on behalf of the County. Employee will also make on-site inspections, determining the acceptable conditions for the issuance of Improvement Permits. Work involves evaluating topography and landscape position; soil characteristics; soil drainage and depth; restrictive horizons and available space.

• Evaluates, designs, reviews, and permits complex onsite wastewater septic systems.
• Initiates contact on complicated septic system repair issues that arise.
• Completes on-site inspections for the determination of acceptable conditions for the issuance of a disposal improvement permit.
• Evaluates topography and landscape position, soil characteristics, soil drainage, soil depth, restrictive horizons, and available space in determining suitability.
• Evaluates permit layouts to repair existing systems that malfunction.
• Evaluates individual lots and areas for various types of development.
• Evaluates, and permits as appropriate, proposed well sites, inspecting well heads, and inspecting the construction of wells in accordance with laws and regulations.
• Performs in-office administrative duties including phone calls, reports, letters, reviews correspondence, laws, and ordinances.
• Conducts conferences or discussions with clients and supervisors.
• Periodically inspects lodging, food-handling establishments, tattoo artist/parlors, other operations that may fall under the purview of the FLI program.
• Investigates public health law violations and initiate corrective action.
• Periodically inspects public swimming pools, mobile home parks, and recreational facilities.

• Graduation from high school and at least two years of experience at the Environmental Health Specialist level in a public health department; and
• Registration as an Environmental Health Specialist by the NC Board of Environmental Health Specialist Examiners.

Applications may be filed online at www.alexandercountync.gov or by mail to Alexander County Human Resources, 621 Liledoun Road, Taylorsville, NC 28681.