Eight things to avoid on the journey of self growth
Self Improvement

Eight things to avoid on the journey of self growth

Self-growth or self-improvement is a continuous process. With each day, we get an inch closer to our goal, but before we reach it we make small progress on the way, which at times may go unnoticed. While this may upset you, it is patience that will help you improve yourself.

Nipa Asharam, a life coach, said in an Instagram post, “When I was on my toughest phase of self-improvement/self-growth, I realised some of the mistakes I was making that was getting me constantly disoriented and even wanting to give up!”

She added that while self-growth is a powerful journey, it is a sensitive one because you go through a lot subconsciously. “Today, I have put those down that one needs to definitely look into so that you don’t sabotage this beautiful process,” she captioned the post.


Being hard on your flaws and putting too much pressure to get rid of it
As you grow in all areas, the flaws will automatically minimise but constantly attacking what will take time to change will lead to more self-resentment.

Trying to perfect the journey by including way too many new habits, routines, and meditation all at one go
We want results fast and therefore we overdo it and that makes the process mechanical versus bringing a real change from within.

Talking about it all the time
When you are on this journey you get very consumed by it and hence tend to have only discussions around it but that leaves no space to reflect, feel, and absorb it.

Oversharing and talking to many opinions and views
You are vulnerable in this phase and comments and reactions might make you confused, demotivated, and disoriented and take you back instead of forward.

Not safeguarding your energy
You need to understand that you are on the cusp of change and therefore sensitive to people, spaces, and environment and it is important to distance yourself during this time from anything that feels off or not good.

You overread, over-watch, and overconsume content on this topic on social media at the cost of a balanced lifestyle
You feel this will make the journey better but anything that takes you away from balance can completely get your body and mind off sync and be detrimental. So, it is important to allocate only a certain amount of time toward content consumption.

Don’t judge yourself if your mind keeps changing or you feel the complete opposite stuff in the process
It is so important to embrace the changes because it brings up many questions, opposite reactions, and thoughts, which are actually good.

Giving up too early because you don’t track progress the right way
We all concentrate on the end goals and often neglect the small progress we made. Doing so will make us feel that we have not moved forward.

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