The medical park development is between Winn Dixie and Beverlye Road and can be accessed from U.S. 84 East and Ross Clark Circle.

In December 2017, the Authority purchased the former Dothan Village property at auction across the street on Highway 84 East. Dothan Village was supposed to be a mixed-use retail development, but construction came to a grinding halt in 2015. It is unclear why the highly-anticipated project stopped, but some have mused that the project went bankrupt or that the developer simply walked away.

The Authority saw the property, which already has some infrastructure like sewer and utilities in place, as a future opportunity.

“The Houston County Health Care Authority has a long history of making strategic investments to improve quality and access to healthcare for the community,” Mark Stewart, director of community relations, said in an email. “Purchasing the property reinforces the healthcare system’s commitment to being an economic catalyst for growth on Dothan’s eastside.”

While there are still no immediate plans for the 77-acre property, Stewart said it fits within its current strategic footprint in close proximity to Southeast Health and ACOM.

In 2018, the Highway 84 East Corridor Plan was released with a vision that incorporates the city government’s goals of addressing access and mobility, aesthetics, health and wellness, economics, and environment of the high-traffic route. In the last several years, the focus for Dothan has been to make the area more pedestrian-friendly, taking into account the growing student population at ACOM, expanding medical services, and residential development.