A recent Globe op-ed takes a short-sighted view of the bipartisan 21st Century Dams Act (”The dirty dam truth,” Opinion, Aug. 6). The Act provides critical investments to ensure dams are safe for our communities and are designed and operated to meet the demands of the 21st century. It invests in innovative technologies to maximize grid resilience and provides unprecedented funding to repair hundreds of aging and deficient dams and remove other uneconomical or unsafe ones. It will support more than 450,000 jobs, reduce risk to life and property, restore the health of 10,000 miles of rivers, and enhance the benefits of the existing hydropower fleet for our energy future.

There is no debate that some dams in the United States no longer serve a purpose. Of those that do, many need to be rehabilitated to improve resilience to climate change and to increase public safety. We must find innovative ways to develop clean energy, make our communities and residents safer from potential dam failures, and re-think our use and care of rivers. We must invest in positive change that improves river health and helps address climate change. The 21st Century Dams Act will do just that.

Tom Kiernan

President and CEO, American Rivers

Malcolm Woolf

President and CEO, National Hydropower Association.

Lori C. Spragens

Executive director, Association of State Dam Safety Officials