Cultural luxury: A new focus on self-improvement is changing tourism



Global lockdowns created a dramatic change in what people wanted from their holidays and leisure time; restrictions forced self-reflection and made people want to learn new skills and focus on self-improvement.


Adam Sebba is the CEO of The Luminaire, a luxury travel company that creates immersive and personalized experiences. 

Adam has previously held a wide variety of senior roles in the industry, including non-executive director at Satopia Travel and CEO for Cookson Adventures.

Over the last two years, the company says it has seen substantial pent-up demand in Europe and the UK, with figures showing demand for travel this summer (2022)  is already double the levels seen in 2019.


Asked by The Agenda’s Stephen Cole about what The Luminaire does differently from other travel companies, Adam Sebba explains they’re offering something for which there is high demand, but few opportunities:

“We realized that there was no travel company that created substantive, enriching, engaging, and accessible experiences for a younger generation.

“The 30- to 50-year-olds who are really curious about the world want to have experiences…to learn something or learn a skill on their travels, whether it’s photography or art history or astronomy.”

Adam says the pandemic has made people more eager than ever to combine travel with self-improvement:

“I think one thing that the pandemic has done is given people an opportunity to think about what they want in their lives…Businesses like Masterclass saw a huge increase in subscriptions.

“Now that’s finished, there is a resurgence to travel [and] people are looking for substantive, enriching experiences when they go away, as well.”


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