Basicallyreese Is a Great YouTuber to Watch for Self-Improvement Content

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If you’re on a journey to improve yourself, basicallyreese is the perfect channel to check out for inspiration and advice. Reese Regan, the creator of the channel, has been on YouTube for a total of seven years. She began posting videos on her first channel, which was self-titled. Three years ago she created basicallyreese, which was her vlog channel at the time.

Though her first channel has nearly 400,000 subscribers, Regan now solely posts videos to basicallyreese. Regan explained her decision in her video “i was popular on youtube… why i started over,” where she says that she abandoned her original channel because the content she was producing on it didn’t align with her views anymore.

From that video alone, it’s clear that Regan is passionate about filming videos and creating genuine content. At one point she even says, “If I truly didn’t love being a YouTuber, I would have quit by now.” That is the reason why her current videos are so important to watch for anyone who is trying to improve themselves: Her content is genuine and it comes from the heart, so you might be able to find real, helpful advice from Regan.

A lot of the videos that Regan makes are about self-improvement and wellness, and she covers a wide range of topics that fall under the genre, including journaling, yoga, meditation, positive affirmations and spirituality. She also regularly publishes weekly vlogs and in-depth advice videos, which include topics like how to prioritize self-care and how to deal with insecurities. Plus, throughout quarantine Regan made videos about self-care during isolation, and since isolation isn’t quite over yet, they’re still worth checking out.

Regan’s personality shines through in each of the videos she makes. As a person who avidly consumes any type of self-help or self-improvement content that I can get my hands on, I appreciate the way that Regan’s content stands out because of how realistic and genuine her advice is. Some self-improvement YouTubers publish videos with somewhat drastic advice, such as claiming that 4 a.m. is the best time to wake up in order to be successful or that studying an extreme — and probably unhealthy — amount per day is beneficial for your mind.

On the other hand, Regan’s content doesn’t particularly focus on success. Instead, she emphasizes forming habits that make her happy and then sharing them with her viewers in the hopes that her advice will help them be happy, too. Yoga, spirituality, veganism, journaling and other healthy habits are all a part of Regan’s daily routine, and therefore they all feature heavily in her content. However, she never pushes them onto her viewers or argues that they need to do those exact habits to be happy and improve their lives.

Instead, those routines are just a few of the many habits Regan is able to recommend and showcase to her basicallyreese viewers. I’m not a particularly spiritual person and I also don’t enjoy doing yoga; however, watching Regan’s videos about both of those things fills me with inspiration and excitement to start forming habits that I am passionate about, like reading every day, meditating and daily journaling.

You can watch Regan’s videos and leave feeling energized to pick up your own healthy habits that are going to make you happy, and that’s one of the reasons why she’s my favorite YouTuber. Plus, when you watch Regan’s advice videos, it genuinely feels like you’re talking to a close friend who understands and cares about your problems. Her genuine personality shines through the screen, making viewers feel comfortable when she delves into serious topics.

One of the most significant topics that Regan covers in her basicallyreese videos is the fact that she is battling depression and anxiety. That is something that a lot of people can relate to, and hearing her discuss her ongoing journey with recovery might be helpful for viewers who also struggle with their mental health.

It’s important that Regan discusses her mental health on her channel because it can be so easy for viewers to watch a YouTuber — specifically one who makes content all about improving your life — and believe that their life is completely perfect. However, viewers can watch Regan and understand that what is put out on YouTube isn’t an accurate representation of someone’s real experiences.

Plus, through her struggles with her mental health, Regan has still been able to achieve so much personal growth and happiness. Yoga and meditation aren’t only habits that are used by ultra-successful, mentally healthy individuals — they’re routines that anyone can do on a daily basis if it’s something that they enjoy doing. That is a powerful message to spread because so often it seems like the people who promote self-improvement are so perfect that they don’t have anything that needs to be improved in their life at all.

Regan also used to post a lot of school-related content, until she posted her video titled, “i dropped out of college lol.” A lot of people struggle with college and drop out, or they don’t even go to college at all and follow a different path. A large portion of self-improvement videos that are made for people in their late teens and early 20s revolve around academic content.

Regan’s videos don’t include academic-related subjects anymore because she doesn’t go to college. This provides her with a fantastic opportunity to connect with even more viewers. Her self-improvement content isn’t just limited to people who are in college and want to learn how to take notes or get good grades in their classes; anyone can take the advice from her basicallyreese videos and apply it to their everyday life.

Overall, Regan is a fantastic YouTuber to watch if you’re interested in guidance-related content. Whether you’re curious about yoga, meditation, journaling, spirituality, advice videos or if you just want to watch someone with a genuine personality, Regan is the YouTuber you should gravitate toward.

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