Amazon Shoppers Love Sunny Health & Fitness $100 Row-N-Ride Trainer

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When you have limited space and a limited budget, shopping for home workout equipment can feel especially challenging. Treadmills and stationary bikes are classic options, but unless you’re willing to pay over $100, your options are sparing. Weight machines are great choices for people who want to work on strength, but they can take up a good portion of a room. 

For many Amazon shoppers, Sunny Health & Fitness’s Row-N-Ride Trainer is the perfect balance. It’s a glute-and-thigh-activating machine that gets your heart pumping, and it can be folded up and moved out of the way when you’re done with your workout. Over 13,000 Amazon shoppers give this machine a five-star rating, and with a sale price under $100, it’s a pretty compelling home gym upgrade, according to reviewers: “If you are considering this machine even for a moment, it’s seriously worth it.”

The machine is Amazon’s number one best-selling rowing machine — but it’s a little different than the rowing machines you may be used to seeing at your gym. The Row-N-Ride trainer is essentially used in a supported squat position, so users will get the same glute and thigh workout that they would get from a traditional rowing machine, but admittedly without as rigorous an upper-body impact. This special design, however, makes it possible for the machine to fold for storage — something you won’t find with any true rowing machines.

The machine offers three levels of resistance, and Amazon shoppers say that it “exceeds expectations” in how good a workout it provides. With gyms closed over the past year, the Row-N-Ride has helped typical gym-goers keep up their fitness routines from the comfort of their own homes. 

“I despise squats, squats with weights, air squats, and the typical squat rack at the gym,” writes one reviewer. “My Row-N-Ride Trainer helps me get through the slump while assisting me effortlessly through each squat. Amazing piece of fitness equipment that doesn’t take up much room.”

Buy It! Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride Trainer, $94.53 (orig. $129);

Other reviewers write that the machine is great for those who have joint pain. “I was able to do 25 to 30 squats at a time before my knees and hip [started] screaming ‘NOOO.’ With this machine I’m able to pump out 100 squats in less than 5 minutes,” says one. “No pain, just the burn of muscles.”

While shoppers say the Row-N-Ride is “amazing for glutes,” it’s also more versatile than you might assume. “It’s been almost 2 weeks and I can say, this is by far my favorite machine,” writes a reviewer. “After my walk, I climb on this machine and I do 50 reps. I have all 3 of the resistance bands on. I can barely do the 50. This machine is truly a workout all by itself. If you only use your arms and less of your legs, it becomes an upper body workout, too.”

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