9 of the Best Fitness Tech Items That We Tried This Year, All In One Place

As far as I’m concerned, we’re all living in The Jetsons—except, rather than casually owning flying cars, we’re all flying on techy treads, strapping devices that measure our heart rates on our wrists, and taking yoga classes from a magic mirror on the wall. The future is now, folks. So if you have someone on your holiday list who lives the sweat life, we’ve rounded up the best fitness technology buys you can wrap in a bow and feel confident they’ll love.

From smartwatches to wireless earbuds to next-level recovery devices, we’ve rounded up the gifts that just keep on giving—many of which are on sale right now. You can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose, so let’s get shopping, shall we?

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1. Fitbit Versa 3, $230

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Photo: FitbitThe Fitbit Versa 3 arrives packed with cool features. Perhaps most notably, the device records your “active zone minutes” that buzz when you reach your desired heart rate during exercise. That means when the burpees hit just right, you’ll get a little buzz to say “good job.”

Shop now:  Fitbit Versa 3, $230

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There are few things I wouldn’t do to own this treadmill. After running on one years ago at the Peloton Tread+ studio in New York City, I instantly started a “Peloton” fund to save up for the day when I would purchase this baby and run it into the sunset. Alas, I’m still saving—but we’ll get there. One of the techy features that makes this treadmill all the rage is the fact that you can use easy-access knobs to adjust your speed and incline in seconds, but there’s so much more in store, fam.

Shop now: Peloton Tread, $2,495


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Ah, the Airpods Pro. I’ve written about them so many times because they are worth every word. With noise-cancellation that literally transplants you to a new world, nothing will disrupt your workouts ever again.

Shop now: Apple Airpods Pro, $250

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Who needs five different kettlebells when you could just buy one adjustable one? This device can adapt from weighing 12 pounds to 42 in less than three seconds and uses artificial intelligence reporting to record your reps, sets, and workout as a whole.

Shop now: JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect 2.0, $199

Gallery: You Can Stop Searching For The Best Treadmills To Buy Online Because These Are It (Women’s Health)

a close up of a computer: If you love walking and running outdoors but are looking for an indoor option that will challenge you just as much, then you should definitely consider buying a treadmill. These cardio machines can help you get fit and work on your PRs from the warmth and comfort of your own home. And while there are certainly a few factors to consider before investing in such a big (and expensive) piece of home gym equipment, the most important of 'em all is continuous horsepower (CHP). This is basically the amount of power a motor can put out steadily and continuously without overheating or slowing down for 24 hours, explains Katherine Skaris, CPT. "I’d argue that CHP is one of the most important features in a treadmill," she adds. If you're planning on using it for running, she recommends a treadmill with a CHP of around 4.0.Aside from that, in terms of must-haves, make sure that the belt is around 55 inches long to give you plenty of space to open up your stride and speed if you opt to do sprint workouts. "And I’d suggest you look for a treadmill that has a belt with quality cushioning that will effectively absorb shock as you run because the health of our joints is incredibly important," Skaris says—she also suggests getting a tread with incline and decline capabilities so it best mirrors your outdoor running experience.Feeling overwhelmed? Don't be. Below is a round up the best treadmills out there, according to these tips and customer reviews. Get ready to run!


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When you gift someone a Powerdot, you’re gifting them a future of home massages. Just strap it onto any sore muscle group and you’ll feel its Smart Muscle Stimulator get to work on repairing those muscles so you can get out for your run, bike ride, or HIIT workout again soon.

Shop now:  Powerdot 2.0, $199

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Ask any expert—a trainer, a makeup artist, a sleep doctor—and they’ll tell you that eight hours of sleep is essential for doing all the things you love. The Oura Ring pays attention while you sleep and delivers a morning report that gives you the 411 on your slumber.

Shop now: Oura Ring, $299

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At-home workouts turn studio-level when you add this Sonos speaker. Turn it on and you’ll be convinced your on-demand coach is right in the room with you.

Shop now: Sonos Move, $399

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This Mirror review really tells you everything you need to know about the device. “I really love The Mirror. I can choose a class anytime I wish and just schedule in my day. It provides great class, flexibility and freedom. The instructors rate their classes accurately: beginner through expert. I already feel that I’m on a better personal journey to wellness with my new Mirror,” writes the user. If you want to gift someone workout freedom, this is it.

Shop now: Mirror, $1,495

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If your cycling friend is already mourning the winter to come, this is the gift for them. Simply attach any bike to this Kinetic Road Machine and your living room instantly becomes an indoor spin studio. Just queue up Netflix or the Tour de France on YouTube and you’re ready to work out.

Shop now: Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Bike Trainer, $299

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