5 Ways To Make Sure You Receive Enough Nutrition From Your Pulses

5 Ways To Make Sure You Receive Enough Nutrition From Your Pulses

There is no doubt that lentils are clearly a mainstay of most meals across the country but even though they are such an essential part of our Indian diet, they remain a slightly underrated ingredient. Not many people are aware of the benefits they bestow to our health. Pulses are high in fibre and protein, and deliver satiety too while keeping you full for longer. To enjoy them to the fullest and make the most of their benefits by following these 5 simple steps. 

5 ways to get even more out of lentils:

1. Unpolished Dals: While dals are a great source of protein (particularly for vegetarians), it is best to always opt for unpolished dals as they are as nature intended them to be. This helps in retaining its goodness and wholesomeness. One may try and avoid dals that have undergone artificial polishing with water, oil or leather. 

2. Trusted brand for quality: Always opt for  pulses that are from a trusted brand to ensure that they are Sampann with good source of protein, contain virtually no fat, and are moderate in calories, while being extremely high on nutrition.

3. Consume variety: We live in a country with a plethora of lentils to choose from, each with its own set of health benefits and nutrients, so eating them in rotation makes perfect sense.

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5 Ways To Make Sure You Receive Enough Nutrition From Your Pulses

Pulses are a great source of protein, fibre and other nutrients
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4. Versatile usage: To keep them from becoming bored, experiment with them to create new dishes. Pulses are extremely versatile and can be used to make everything from snacks to stews, pilafs, and salads. Try Bengali dalpuris and a daal bhaatey, ghugni (black gramme or dried yellow/white peas cooked in a gravy) and Sattu from Bihar, Rajasthan’s tasty gate ki subzi and dal panchmali, and Gujarat’s kadi and khati meethi daal made with toor daal (arhar). You can also come up with your own entertaining recipes. A dal soup is a simple and delicious way to incorporate more dals into your diet.

5. Once a day: Make lentils your mainstay ingredient, eating them at least once, if not twice, a day, as they were once eaten across the country. Even so, like many other healthy eating habits, this one is being phased out. It’s time to bring it back to life. 

About the author: Kavita Devgan is Nutrition Advisor at Tata Sampann


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